How to Report a Concern

Important: All CDL staff are mandated reporters.  This form should not be used for reporting suspected or actual child abuse and neglect. Any concerns related to child abuse and neglect need to be reported to Child Protective Services following the proper reporting procedures as required by State of Wisconsin child care licensing rules and as mandated reporters.

At the CDL, we most often use the below examples of common and initial methods when addressing a concern:

  • Person to person conversations and or scheduled meeting time (ie. parent with primary teacher and/or Director or Associate Director)
  • Email to individual or program service account at
  • Phone call to the CDL main line at (608) 263-4579

If you have tried these methods and feel they have not worked or if you feel your concern or complaint may be better addressed and/or reviewed with someone outside of the immediate CDL community, you can use the Reporting a Concern form.  Please click here to begin the Reporting a Concern form.