Past Research

 2018-2019 Studies Completed at the CDL

Title/Department Faculty Name/Laboratory
School of Human Ecology
Cognitively-Based Compassion Training Prof. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan
Children’s Learning Across Different Contexts Prof. Heather KirkorianCognitive Development & Media Lab
Eye Tracking Study of Children’s Learning from Touchscreens Prof. Heather Kirkorian, Cognitive Development and Media Lab
Children’s Comprehension of and Learning from Educational Narratives Prof. Heather Kirkorian, Cognitive Development and Media Lab
Cumulative Risks, Early Development, and Emerging Academic Trajectories (CREATE) Pilot Study Prof. Janean Dilworth-Bart, Dilworth-Bart Lab
Families and Mothers (FAM study) Prof. Janean Dilworth-BartDilworth-Bart Lab
The Evolution of Overconfidence Dominik Piehlmaier, Ph.D. Candidate
School of Education
Timing in Science Learning Megan Kaul, Ph.D. Candidate, Learning, Cognition, and Development Lab/Educational Psychology
Development of Children’s Memory for Objects and Words Prof. Haley Vlach, Learning, Cognition, & Development Lab/Educational Psychology
Communication Arts
Preschool Children’s Response to Educational TV Programs: How do children learn from stories and songs? Prof. Marie Louise Mares, Dept. of Communication Arts
Studies Completed by Non-UW Researchers
Children’s Nutritional Choices Prof. Celeste Schultz, College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago and UIUC
Parent – Infant Interactions at Home Dr. Yoko Terami, Visiting Professor from Kobe-Shoin Women’s University in Japan
MEP 4K Study Katie Ostrander and Maribeth Gettinger, Researchers with the Madison Educational Partnership