UW Students

Observations at the CDL

Scheduling an observation

If you are a student scheduling an observation for a course assignment, your instructor will send you a link to sign up for a slot online.

After you sign up for an observation slot, further instructions will be sent to you via email.

Example of timeslots on Calendly

Arrival to the CDL

The CDL is located on the first floor of Nancy Nicholas Hall. CDL doors are locked at all times, ring the doorbell for entry.

Please do not bring drinks/food to the CDL, especially nuts.

CDL entry doors


Upon arrival to the CDL, you will be asked to wear an "Observer" name tag and sign in to our visitor log.

Observers will need to turn in a WiscID and phone prior to entering the observation booth.

Observation Policies

Observers must be escorted through the preschool by CDL staff.

Photos, videos, and audio recordings are strictly prohibited.

Remain as unobtrusive as possible with children, families, & staff.

Two graduate students conducting observational research of a classroom from inside a booth

Departure from the CDL

Be sure to sign out and retrieve your phone and WiscID before departing.

Under no circumstances will any documentation from an observation be posted online or shared in any way beyond the course assignment. Only use pseudonyms in assignments.

Three children playing with carts on playground

If you are a UW student seeking an opportunity to do a different course project with the CDL, please email us at cdlplacements@sohe.wisc.edu

Please note, the CDL Research and Teaching Team is currently short-staffed.  We have limited capacity for Fall 2023 to host class visits and observations, so please make alternative arrangements for your courses, if we are unable to accommodate your request this semester.

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