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Current Research Opportunities

Attention and Memory in the Context of Background Television

Heather Kirkorian

Dr. Heather Kirkorian, Faculty Director of the CDL and Director of the Cognitive Development and Media Lab, is currently recruiting children between 3-5 years of age for a research study. Participating children will play in the Frances & Elliot Lehman Family Research Center. Sometimes a television program will play in the background.

Parents will be asked to fill out surveys about children’s background, behavior, and activities at home.

Please email kirkorian@wisc.edu or call 608-263-4020 for further information about this study and to sign up for participation.

Coming Soon: Prospective Research Opportunities

Dr. Stephen Ferrigno

Dr. Stephen Ferrigno will soon be recruiting 2-4 year olds for a new study, Count List Training. This is project is studying how children learn to use a count list and ways to improve their fluency with a count list.

This project will be hosted at the CDL during school hours in the Frances & Elliot Family Research Center. This study protocol will involve 6 sessions total per participant spaced out over several days.

Rudy DieudonneRudy Dieudonne, a PhD Student in Design Studies at UW Madison, will soon be recruiting for a new study, Impact of Classroom Lighting and Noise on Students with Sensory Sensitivities or Autism. Rudy will be recruiting children between 4-8 years of age who are suspected to be on the ASD spectrum, have been diagnosed with ASD, or have sensory sensitivities. This study will take place in the Frances & Elliot Lehman Family Research Center.

Research Studies Outside of the CDL

Dr. Julie Poehlmann and Dr. Douglas Dean with the Healthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) study are looking for several babies between the ages of 3-months-old and 9-months-old to come to the Waisman Center at UW-Madison for a 1-hour practice EEG session. The purpose is to practice applying the cap-like EEG net on babies of different ages as well as running the 4 EEG tasks. If interested, please email hbcd@bi.wisc.edu or call 608-265-6541.

Dr. Douglas Dean’s research lab at the Waisman Center is recruiting infants between 1-24 months with and without an older sibling with autism for a study on early brain and behavior development. For additional information about this study, please email babysibs@bi.wisc.edu or call 608-262-6706.

Dr. Martha Alibali’s Cognitive Development & Communication Lab is inviting children in kindergarten through grade 7 to participate in research investigating children’s learning and development. To learn more about these studies or to participate, please email cogdevmath@psych.wisc.edu.

Dr. Haley Vlach’s Learning, Cognition & Development Lab currently has online studies available for children ages 2 to 7 years old. For these virtual studies, your child and a parent or guardian will be invited to a video call with a researcher from the LCD Lab. The process will be similar to an in lab study. To learn more and schedule a session, please email lcd.lab@education.wisc.edu.